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Jiangnan Futures: the sharp rise of the US dollar dragged down the commodity price, and Shanghai Jiaotong fell by the limit again.

on Monday, dragged down by the sharp fall in the prices of major commodities, the benchmark January contract of Japanese Jiaotong jumped short and opened at 309.2 yen in the morning, and then fell further. As of 15:30 Beijing time, the contract was reported at 306.3 yen, down 5.4 yen. The weakness continued, which will test the support of the 300 integer mark in the short term; The main contract 811 of Shanghai Jiaotong Rubber Co., Ltd. followed the trend of decline today. A large number of long positions closed at the end of the day, bringing the price down to the limit, closing at 22320 points, down 935 points. The position decreased by more than 9700 hands.

recently, the weakness of non-U.S. currencies such as the euro and the UK to achieve special displacement, deformation and speed closed-loop control of the pound has stimulated the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar index rose by 3.37% last week, which further suppressed the commodity prices denominated in U.S. dollars The speculative funds in the commodity market led by crude oil continued to withdraw, which directly led to the exit of the long funds in the Japanese rubber market. As of last Friday, the position data showed that the net long positions of the three major Japanese rubber funds were more than 9600, more than 5000 less than the previous week. In addition, with the obvious recovery of the supply of spot glue in Southeast Asia, the spot price in Southeast Asia was the first to be suppressed. Therefore, the price of No. 3 cigarette glue in Thailand, for example, is now 90.88 baht per kilogram, a decline of up to 8% in a week; Although the domestic spot glue price has increased for a time due to the tight position of contracts in recent months, since the second half of last week, we have seen a slight drop in the price and a huge reduction in the trading volume. It can be seen that the domestic spot glue price is also gradually returning to the fundamentals. The resonance formed by the simultaneous weakening of internal and external fundamentals directly affects the futures market, and the weak pattern will continue

operationally, the high-level short order of 811 contract can be held by relying on the 5-day moving average (expected to be around 22900 tomorrow). If there is no empty order, try to only conduct short-term short-term trading within the day. It is necessary to keep the resource saving as the unwinding point. The current point is not suitable for establishing trend empty orders

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