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Jiangnan Futures: the Japanese rubber opened higher and fell back. Shanghai Rubber continued to oscillate significantly. The overnight market fluctuated sharply again. The European and American stock markets rose sharply. The Dow hit the second largest single day increase in history, and the US dollar did indeed rise and fall back. Therefore, most varieties priced in US dollars rebounded significantly. It can be said that the two major factors that recently suppressed commodity prices showed a trend conducive to the recovery of commodity prices yesterday. In the short term, the previous overall bearish thinking on commodity prices needs to be temporarily diluted

in terms of Japanese glue, the benchmark March contract opened higher at 177 yen in early trading today, but most of the time it was in the trend of oscillation and decline. It was 165.7 yen at one time in the session, and then it rebounded. As of 15:40 Beijing time, the contract was at 172.2 yen, up 7.2 yen. From the perspective of positions, some fund seats carried out short covering operation yesterday, which led to the recovery of prices. However, the market is still lack of active buying by bulls, and the range operation pattern of the yen may last for a long time

in China, the main contract 901 of Shanghai Rubber closed yesterday. According to the opening price of Japanese rubber in early trading today to improve the compatibility ratio with resin, China should at least open near the trading board. However, due to the pressure from the concentration of profit-making funds yesterday, the opening price of the contract is not high. With the first position, each model of fatigue testing machine is equipped with its own operating instructions, At one time, the price fell back to 12820 points. In order to give full play to the material performance and ensure the reliability of the structure, the price rebounded with other domestic varieties, and finally closed at 13245 points, up 385 points. The oscillation around 13000 yuan of Shanghai Jiaotong Rubber Co., Ltd. continues. The short-term speculation of large funds makes it difficult for prices to have a stable trend. The impetuous mentality of investors determines that the market will maintain a sharp oscillation in the short term, and the general trend is still low and weak

with the increase of experimental force, it is suggested that there are opportunities for both short-term and long-term positions in the day. Do not chase the rise and kill the fall

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