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Shanghai whole house log customization Shanghai log customization 400-0088-509

Shanghai whole house log customization Shanghai log customization 400-0088-509

which is the best manufacturer of Shanghai log customization? Shanghai log customization brand ranking

Shanghai whole house log customization, old carpenter high-end log whole house customization, and the product business scope is all over the country

the old carpenter wood industry mainly undertakes the customization of log whole house furniture supporting the interior decoration of home decoration, villas, hotels, clubs and luxury houses. It has got rid of the traditional on-site manual production mode in the wood products decoration industry, and implemented the service mode of factory production and processing and on-site installation of finished products, which has greatly improved the product quality, shortened the on-site construction period, made the products more environmentally friendly and made the finished products more ideal

the products produced by the company include log doors, log stairs, log wardrobes, log ceilings, log parapets, cloakrooms, wine cabinets, wine cellars, as well as bookcases, cabinets, shoe cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bogujia, screens, roman columns, log lines and other log household production processes, and are committed to creating luxurious and natural all log household products. With 20 years of industry experience, ingenuity and meticulous experience, the wisdom and spirituality of classical and modern logs have been sublimated in old carpenters

the old carpenter's high-end log products are very concerned about the taste needs of customers, and select high-quality and precious tree species from all over the world, such as teak, pear, American red oak, American red cherry, African red sandalwood, African ebony, African Red cranberry, Brazilian pear, etc., so that the materials of the old carpenter's log products are famous for their high-grade, and win extensive praise from customers all over the world. The increasingly mature production technology is also the key for the "old carpenter" brand to take the lead in the industry. The "old carpenter" eliminated some traditional processing technologies without scientific and technological content, assisted the design with high technology, and strengthened the safety and stability of the structure, making the "old carpenter" a product with both scientific and technological beauty and fashion beauty. It is worth mentioning that in terms of paint coating technology, we have unique characteristics. Under the full manual operation of high-level technicians, the plumpness, clarity, bright color and other indicators of paint are better than the industry level. And signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Dennis Christensen, a German environmental protection process engineer, to improve the environmental protection of old carpenters' products to a higher stage. It adopts non-toxic, tasteless and five irritant environmental protection water-based paint, which is safe and environment-friendly, zero methanol, so that you and your family can enjoy natural freshness

the high-end paint processes of old carpenters include: Antique antiquing, gold painting, silver painting, gold pasting, silver pasting, crack paint, etc., to meet the needs of different decoration styles

free door-to-door measurement, free design scheme and free manufacturer distribution in Shanghai

for us, the best sense of achievement comes from the greatest customer satisfaction! The old carpenter is determined to design and customize the most high-end log products in the country

join in the whole wood home decoration - choose the old carpenter to customize the whole wood home

★ the whole board process, and the products will not crack and deform! Warranty for 30 years! Lifelong maintenance

★ log high-end customization ● sincerely invite partners to join

★ national service hotline: 400-0088-509 consultation qq:2196761302

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