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Zhao Rong

Xianyang housing provident fund personal housing decoration loan (hereinafter referred to as decoration loan) refers to the borrower who pays the housing provident fund in full and normally. When decorating the self occupied housing in Xianyang administrative division, he uses the purchased (built) housing or other property with ownership as collateral or pledge, or a third party provides guarantee for his loan and assumes joint and several liability for repayment of principal and interest, The housing loan with the housing provident fund as the source of funds applied to the housing provident fund management center. The borrower applying for decoration loan must meet the following loan conditions:

1. The unit has established a housing provident fund system, and the individual has opened a housing provident fund account and deposited the housing provident fund normally

2. Have a stable career and income, good credit, and the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan

3. Have the legal procedures for the purchase of the decorated house or the house ownership certificate

4. Have the "house decoration project contract" signed with the decoration enterprise and the family decoration budget or relevant bills

5. When applying for decoration loan, there is no outstanding loan principal and interest except for the mortgage loan of the decorated house

6. Other conditions stipulated by laws, regulations and rules

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