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Wardrobe is also a very important part of our home decoration. It is a cabinet type and solid wood furniture for storing clothes. It is generally composed of cabinet, door panel (sliding door or side hung door), hardware (tie clip, drawer, basket, clothes hanging rod, laminate buckle, pants rack, mirror, hinge, etc.)

with the improvement of science and technology, the varieties and materials of wardrobe are rich and diverse. Different consumption concepts correspond to different color hobbies. At present, the materials available for making sliding doors on the market mainly include wood, glass, mirrors and other special materials. The designs and colors include beech, cherry, maple, maple, oak, black walnut, white pine, etc. Individual manufacturers also launched “ One board, two colors ” New board, similar to fashionable mobile phone “ Color covers can be changed at will ” Functions. Now let's learn how to choose a reasonable wardrobe

first, whether the thickness of the cabinet door panel is plump and thick, and whether the height is enough

for the sliding door, it is best to choose 10mm or 12mm thick panels, which are solid, stable and durable; The slightly worse ones will be 8mm thick, which is relatively thin and frivolous. The height of the door panel determines whether it can be decorated to the ceiling. The height of a single panel is required to be more than 2.8 meters, up to the ceiling

second, whether the design and color of the cabinet door and the frame are consistent and unified.

the frame and door panel of the brand wardrobe door are from the same manufacturer, and the color lines can be completely consistent, and the matching is unified. And the miscellaneous wardrobe is often patchwork, can only find the plates and frames with similar designs and colors, and cannot be completely consistent

third, whether the wheel is smooth, pressure resistant, wear-resistant, safe and reliable

the pulley of the brand wardrobe is generally made of carbon glass fiber (international new high-tech material), with balls inside and non drying lubricating ester, so it can be easily pushed and pulled, smooth and flexible, and has large bearing capacity, pressure resistance, wear resistance and no deformation. Pulley guide rail is the core technical part of sliding door, which must be carefully selected

fourth, whether the cabinet is professional and whether the design is scientific and fashionable

the design of the fashionable wardrobe cabinet is very scientific and reasonable. Often according to “ Break up the whole into parts ” According to the principle of, several different sub cabinets are developed, which can be freely matched and combined when customized. Moreover, drawers and movable laminates can also be increased or decreased freely, and the height can be adjusted at will. They publicize their own style and show their unique personality, which is deeply loved by the DIY (do it yourself) family

fifth, whether the wardrobe accessories are complete and whether they can provide convenient and comfortable supporting functions

at present, many wardrobe manufacturers have launched practical and beautiful accessories, such as push-pull mirror, lattice rack, pants rack, fashion drawer, basket, l rack, TV rack, CD rack, wooden clothes rack, etc

sixth, whether to choose green environmental protection materials

nowadays, man-made boards (fiberboard, particleboard, plywood) are used for furniture. Because adhesives with formaldehyde are used in the production process of boards, formaldehyde is inevitable in finished furniture. If the formaldehyde content of the door or material of the wardrobe is too high, it will have an adverse impact on the health of users. According to the national standard, e1≤ 1.5mg/L,E2≤ 5.0mg/L。

seventh, whether there is a professional factory

in order to ensure production, most brand wardrobes have professional factories, modern machinery and equipment, assembly line production and on-site installation. It completely avoids the inconvenience brought to consumers by the on-site production of decoration companies. Moreover, the size data of the product is accurate and the structure is rigorous, giving people an overall aesthetic feeling

eighth, how about after-sales service

as an important part of furniture, wardrobe is closely related to people's daily life. Therefore, good reputation and high-quality after-sales service of manufacturers are very important. When ordering, we must first find out how long the warranty period is. The general requirement is not less than 5 years (at least 3 years). In addition, can we provide timely and fast maintenance services in case of use problems. After the wardrobe is installed, the manufacturer will generally issue a warranty card. Generally, the warranty period of the manufacturer is 3-5 years

ninth, it is best to choose brand wardrobe products with high consumer satisfaction and market awareness

in the face of the sliding door wardrobe with mixed good and bad in the market, you can refer to the above points and carefully compare them when choosing an order, so as to choose products with high quality, environmental protection and after-sales service, and create a relaxed, pleasant, warm and comfortable family atmosphere

that's all for the wardrobe selection guide. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information

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