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A new generation of high impact copolyformaldehyde will be launched soon

the focus of the operation of tycona engineering polymer polishing machine under Celanese company is to find a way to get a large polishing rate as soon as possible. The company recently launched a new generation of modified Hostaform POM (copolyformaldehyde). The performance of this high impact copolyformaldehyde product is better than that of the previous impact modified copolyformaldehyde and nylon products, and can meet the customer's requirement of 0.5 (9) MPa for the continuous upgrading of impact resistance and mechanical properties of the product

new urbanization and sustainability also have an impact. The impact resistance of the first generation of high impact copolyformaldehyde is twice that of the best impact modified POM, and the strength of the fusion line is more than three times higher than that of the composites made of POM. Compared with impact modified nylon, it has better dimensional stability, higher stiffness and thermal deformation temperature. This copolymer formaldehyde product with ultra-high impact resistance will be commercialized in the fourth quarter of this year

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