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With the rapid development of the smart lock industry, smart locks of different brands are emerging. Yale fingerprint locks are widely used in many places of life, firmly occupying a considerable share of China's high-end electronic lock market

installing smart locks has become a new craze. With the rapid development of the smart lock industry, different brands of smart locks are emerging, especially the European and American lock brands represented by Yale. Yale fingerprint lock is widely used in many living places, firmly occupying a considerable share of China's high-end electronic lock market

Yale Yale, as the world's leading brand of smart locks, has a 100 year history of focusing on lock manufacturing from the United States, aiming to enable more families to enjoy a safe, convenient and fashionable door lock solution and feel the fashionable American life experience

according to Yale Yale, the quality of smart locks needs to be considered from the following aspects:

First: is there a safety handle

door handle is an important part of lock. In intelligent lock, the importance of door handle is more prominent. Ordinary smart lock handle can drill a small hole from the outside and turn the handle with an iron rod to open. Yale electronic lock has an intelligent design for the safety handle. When turning the handle to open, you must press and hold the safety handle to open it

in terms of comfort, combined with the ergonomic design concept, we strive to meet the labor-saving requirements of lever mechanics, and integrate the design by inheriting the classics. While focusing on creating and ensuring the safety door handle, we also make every customer using Yale Yale Yale have a more labor-saving, time-saving and heart-saving comfort experience

second, is there a sliding semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology

the core function of intelligent lock lies in its fast and convenient fingerprint identification technology. Whether there is an intelligent technology for rapid identification is one of the standards that embody intelligence. It is different from the previous method of "opening first and then scanning". Yale fingerprint lock adopts advanced fingerprint identification sensor to intercept fingerprints in sections, with fast identification speed, which can eliminate the possibility of fingerprint residue being stolen and copied. To prevent others from using the equipment without authorization and increase potential safety hazards

III: b+ level anti-theft lock cylinder

lock cylinder is "lock cylinder", and its importance is self-evident. Yale Yale lock originated in the colonial period of the United States. In the later stage, it integrates South Korea's advanced digital technology and focuses more on safety issues in the design of lock cylinder

Yale smart lock design has a number of smart anti-theft lock cylinders, through five sensors, to achieve five adult experience. For example, the European oblique tongue technology is applicable to all kinds of opening methods, and there is no need to adjust the direction of the oblique tongue. Instead, the rotary anti saw structure is adopted, which strengthens the anti-theft lock tongue and is more safe. Compared with other locks, Yale smart lock has more outstanding advantages

IV: virtual password technology

smart locks are mostly unlocked by password. Considering the risk of password leakage in this way, Yale smart lock has developed virtual password technology in password design. After adding any number of digits before and after the correct password, press the * key or touch the screen with your palm to open the door, so as to reduce the risk of password leakage

five: big brands, striving to be the first in the industry

Yale Yale has a lock making process from the American colonial period. It is an international lock brand with a history of 100 years, and it continues to innovate and develop in the process of the times. At present, Yale Yale brand has spread all over the world and is widely used in many places of life. In 2017, it won the first place in both smart door locks and anti-theft locks in the U.S. cepros brand research. It has proved the excellent performance of Yale electronic locks and the high recognition of consumers for their safety, convenience and intelligence. So far, millions of Yale products have been sold to more than 125 countries around the world

in order to maintain innovation and create quality, Yale will always work hard and continue to cultivate for every family to obtain a more comfortable and safe technological and intelligent life. In addition to the above five elements, other intelligent functions can also be considered, such as voice prompt function, intelligent motor door locking, wireless network system, etc

hundred years of history, quality witness. With the continuous changes of the requirements of the times, Yale will also continue to change and improve, unremitting innovation to develop new fingerprint locks that better meet the needs of life. It is believed that Yale Yale will win more consumers' love and trust with its high-quality and high-style electronic locks in the future

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