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Husband's room becomes smaller duplex? Don't believe it. This is a real case. Let's see how this awesome man built a 45 square meter room with 10000 yuan! This decoration case is worth learning from many non meter renters! Come with Xiaobian to have a look at this amazing decoration effect picture

decoration owner files:

decoration house type: one room and one living room decoration area: 45 square meters decoration community: Hanyang District ink Orchid Pavilion decoration budget: 10000

Design Analysis: the design of the whole house is designed by this post-80s couple themselves, which is actually a one room and one living room! And an attic! The legendary "small duplex"! There is no real duplex. Less than 10000 rice was used for decoration! Come and see how the bull man did it! This decoration case is worth learning from many non meter renters

stairs are simpler and more affordable. They are suitable for our young people. The cabinets are about 150 in the second-hand market, and the back has been painted by ourselves

the eight immortals tea table is 120 yuan, and the two hotel chairs are 80 yuan. At that time, the group purchase that you signed up for felt very cost-effective

I sewed the cushion on the chair by hand. The workmanship is not good

the fashionable small chair is actually transformed by waste

the bar built on the wall (picture)

this bar is dual-use, which meets our own drinking and eating needs. It's made by ourselves

bricks were built by themselves. It was the first time that two people worked while chatting. It seemed that the bricks were a little crooked, but very stable. ha-ha. But in fact, this feeling is still a little rough and beautiful! The cabinet is a kind of high-density board. It's an old-fashioned safe. We removed four doors, and then put on the color. The black-and-white collocation is more fashionable and concise

the lamps and lanterns in our living room use hats, which has a very good effect, especially when drinking tea or alcohol at night

fashionable porch and beautiful oil painting (picture)

Xiaobian comments: Xiaobian learned that because the decoration of the netizen's home is only more decoration, it is some basic decoration. The paint is Dulux paint, and the others are building materials of some less famous brands. The total cost is more than 12000 yuan. The whole style tends to Mediterranean style. In fact, if you have a need, you can participate in the [decoration bidding], and you will be able to enjoy the design scheme of three decoration companies for free, so as to find the most suitable decoration effect drawing




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