It's not too late to mend the four regrets

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Decoration often has one regret or another, such as not punching the air conditioning hole in advance, which is easy to make the wall look ugly when installing the air conditioner. Don't just organize the regrets and remedial measures in the four decoration today, so as to guide everyone in the decoration

regret 1: the air conditioner hole was not punched in advance

regret Description: the air conditioner hole was not thought of during decoration, and the air conditioner hole had to be punched in summer. But when drilling, the water drill made the wall in the bedroom into a big painted face, which was very ugly

regret remedy: because the drilling of the air conditioner hole requires the use of a water drill, which will pollute the wall, the owner had better consider the placement and suspension height of the air conditioner when decorating. If it is decided to use the air conditioner, it is best to drill the air conditioner hole before scraping the white

regret 2: the location of the power supply is unreasonable

regret: the wiring in the bedroom was not measured accurately, but the location of the power socket was determined after a rough visual inspection. As a result, when I bought the computer table, I found that the position of the table leg just blocked the position of the power socket. I had no choice but to replace it with a plug-in row, and I went outside with an open line

regret remedy: before arranging the location of the power socket in the bedroom, the size of the furniture to be placed should be provided to the electrician as accurately as possible. In addition, on the premise of not affecting the appearance, reserve as many power sockets as possible, which can be used sooner or later in the future





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